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(continued from News page)... This decision has reversed 41 years of precedence and is just another in a trend of issuing anti-worker decisions. Nothing has to change in the public sector in Oregon if the members of the unions stay true to their convictions and continue to support their bargaining unit which is organized. When the overall numbers for membership fall within the bargaining units it takes away from the solid showing-of- union support with the various employers. The moment an employee revokes their membership it is an adverse action against themselves and the bargaining unit. The savings of the individual dues is a small factor in the impact the dwindling member numbers has with the employers. It will have a huge impact with your employer in the next round of bargaining for a successor agreement on your behalf. Some employees feel that all the other members should pay so they can reap all the benefits of the agreements for free. It flies in the face of everyone paying their fair share for what they gain with collective bargaining. Perhaps the Supreme Court will decide in the future that it is unconstitutional to require some people to pay taxes. The founding fathers of the Constitution would be amazed at how the Constitution has been stretched over the years by the Justices to meet the minds and votes of the nine at the time. A simple majority of 5 to 4 votes is all it takes.

Brent has been very busy in the southern half of the State since Janus. He received a decision in favor of the Union regarding a unit clarification petition against the City of Medford regarding a Fleet Services Coordinator position. This position will now be added to the bargaining unit.

Brent ratified the following successor agreements: two-year agreements with the City of Medford for the Fleet Services and the Water Reclamation District bargaining units. A three-year agreement with the Lake Health District involving the Hospital and Long-Term Care employees. Ratified a three-year agreement with Klamath Falls on behalf of Police Officers and Police Records personnel. Ratified two successor agreements with the City of Talent for the General employees and Police Officers. Also he resumed negotiations for a successor agreement on behalf of the Klamath County Sheriff Sergeants. Opened negotiations with Curry County for a successor agreement with the Sheriff’s Office employees. Opened negotiations with the Klamath 9-1-1 District for a successor agreement.

Brent filed a grievance on behalf of a terminated City of Gold Beach employee. Arbitration is set for late October. He negotiated a settlement agreement for separation of employment involving a City of Medford employee. A grievance was filed against the City of Medford over the interpretation of standby language. Also Brent filed a unit clarification petition with ERB concerning a new position filled by the Lake Health District. The hearing is set for late October. Last, but not least a grievance against Eagle Point for disciplinary action against a police officer was withdrawn due to evidentiary problems. In his spare time Brent attended the Joint Council 37 Delegates meeting in June.

Dave and Mike from Local 58 are in heavy negotiations with AMR. The Union and AMR are scheduled for negotiations on August 20th and 21st. A federal mediator is scheduled to be in attendance in hopes of reaching a tentative agreement. Meetings with the membership were scheduled and a strike vote was conducted. The membership gave the bargaining committee a unanimous strike authorization. This message will be conveyed at the upcoming negotiations. ARC National negotiations are resuming on August 28th, 29th, 30th, in Washington, D.C. Local contract negotiations are scheduled for August 16th and 17th. Please watch union bulletin boards and Facebook for update information for both groups.

A successor agreement has been reached and ratified for Kramer’s Metro Mailing. Contract surveys are being sent out to the membership at Canteen Vending. Negotiations will begin soon for a successor agreement. The Credit Union Insurance has been sold and the new company will remain Teamsters. The new name will be Mt. Hood Insurance and we welcome Ryan Richter and his staff as a new Teamster employer and members. If you are shopping for insurance give them a call at 503-808-1111 or stop by at 12604 SE Stark St. Portland, Oregon.

We go back to the table for negotiations with the City of Gresham on the 21st in hopes of resolving the remain issues to bring back to the membership for a vote. The proposed one- year extension for Clean Water Services has been prolonged because of management retirements, but should be resolved soon and we can bring it back to the members for a vote.


Please remember to contact the Local Union to see if you are eligible for a withdrawal card if you do not work any days in the bargaining unit during the current calendar month. Your dues must be paid current at the time of your request for the withdrawal card. It is very important to request a withdrawal card in a timely manner as dues can accrue until a withdrawal card is requested. If you return to bargaining unit work, please contact the Local Union to deposit your withdrawal card and return to “active” member status with the Local Union.

ADDRESS CHANGE: Please call us with any address changes. Thank You!


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