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(continued from News page)... The opportunity for members’ children to apply for prestigious scholarships is a great example of one of the many additional benefits we offer our dues paying members. Local 223 is proud to announce that Teamsters Council 37 Federal Credit Union, Local 223 member Christy Thorsrud’s daughter, Eryn, is a James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship recipient of $10,000! Eryn Thorsrud’s hard work and dedication really paid off, and we hope this will help her to achieve her dreams and career aspirations. On behalf of Local 223, we wish Eryn continued success throughout her college career and beyond.

It is with deep sorrow that I report the loss of one of our long term members, Keith Hughes, who recently lost his life after a lengthy battle with complications brought on by COVID-19. Keith Hughes began his career at the City of Medford Public Works Department in November of 2005. Keith started in the storm maintenance division and later transferred to the sewer maintenance division, performing both pipeline cleaning and video inspection. In 2018 Keith was promoted to Senior Public Works Technician over the sewer maintenance division. Prior to his employment at the City, Keith served in the United States Marine Corps including a deployment to Saudi Arabia. In his free time Keith enjoyed camping, hunting, and spending time with his wife and three daughters. We send our deepest sympathies to his family and friends

Highlights from Labor Representative Dave Tully: Fred Meyer clerical warehouse members ratified a 3-year successor agreement. The Union had full cooperation and assistance from the bargaining unit. The Union’s Shop Steward Celeste McIntyre played a key role in not only preparing the members for negotiations but also keeping them informed throughout the process. Celeste also was a key player in helping Teamsters Local 223 obtain a good contract to bring to the membership for ratification. Thank you, Celeste, for all that you have done and continue to do for our members. Due to Governor Brown’s recent vaccine mandate, American Medical Response members were greatly affected. Members were mandated to either get the vaccine or apply for a religious or medical exemption. Many of our members chose to get the vaccination. Some that did not, obtained a medical or religious exemption. For those that did neither, the company has put them off on administrative leave for 30 days in hopes that they will start the vaccination or exemption process. The company will be glad to welcome them back with full seniority if they can show they have begun the process. We encourage them to start the process and come back into the rank and file. The Union held a proposal meeting of the members of Canteen Vending Services. The meeting was well attended and a lot of information to recent changes was shared with the Local Union. While the Local awaits replies from the company to begin successor negotiations, a contract extension has been put in place. A contract proposal meeting is being scheduled for a successor agreement for Northwest Administrators. All NWA employees should watch for a Zoom meeting invite. Dates will be set after the proposal meeting has been conducted.

Highlights from Labor Representative Brent Jensen: Local 223 is getting close to Agreements for two groups with the Town of Lakeview. We have ratified a two-year CBA with the City of Klamath Falls for the Police Unit. We are collecting proposals for negotiations for a successor Agreement with City of Jacksonville. We have agreed to a LOA with Lake Health District in response to Union Demand to Bargain regarding OHA COVID vaccination mandate that provides for layoff/recall-type language for those employees who did not make the October 18th deadline.

Highlights from Labor Representative Karine Trowbridge: We are currently in negotiations with the Tillamook County Sheriff’s and all language articles are TA’d. We’re getting close to final proposals on the financials. The Union and membership are expecting a good financial package or we are prepared to go to arbitration. We have begun membership meetings in Washington County specifically to gather information and proposals for negotiations that start this spring. Meetings have been challenging with the COVID restrictions, but we are working through it. The national negotiations are well underway with the American Red Cross but are very challenging. The national bargaining team has spent two weeks in Dallas, TX and a week in Nashville so far. Things are still moving slowly but some headway has been made with language. ARC is proposing serious changes to the health care that are not being received well by the members. We have three weeks slotted in DC at the main Red Cross center in November with the goal of getting a good, strong National Addendum.

Highlights from Labor Representative Michael Mann: Prepping for 2022 negotiations with: Benton County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Coos County Association of Deputy Sheriffs, Corvallis Police Officers Association, McMinnville Police Association, and Yamhill Sheriff’s Employees. A large amount of time was spent researching demanding to bargain, bargaining, and then shifting course regarding the COVID-19 vaccine mandates under the OHA regarding School Resource Officers and Corrections personnel. The standards changed and ultimately, SROs are an assignment, and personnel can either meet the requirements or be moved from the position and none of my corrections members fall under the OHA Health Care Workers mandate. I also spent time researching challenging the OHA mandate. I created and sent group members informational flyers on several topics related to vaccination mandates: “Impact Bargaining and Free Speech” and “Are Vaccine Requirements Legal? Why No Legal Challenge?” Recently resolved another dispatch scheduling issue with the Coos County deputies’ group. Currently waiting for a response regarding a demand-to-bargain Covid Leave at the McMinnville Police Group. Corvallis Human Resources was moving toward terminating a police officer for not being fit-for-duty although multiple doctors cleared him to return to duty; a grievance resulted in his return to work and is expected to also resolve the outstanding issue of the City improperly forcing him to use his own accrued leave.


Please remember to contact the Local Union to see if you are eligible for a withdrawal card if you do not work any days in the bargaining unit during the current calendar month. Your dues must be paid current at the time of your request for the withdrawal card. It is very important to request a withdrawal card in a timely manner as dues can accrue until a withdrawal card is requested. If you return to bargaining unit work, please contact the Local Union to deposit your withdrawal card and return to “active” member status with the Local Union.

ADDRESS CHANGE: Please call us with any address changes. Thank You!


T-SHIRTS, JACKETS, AND HATS are available to buy from the office of Local 223. The 100% cotton T-Shirts come in navy, black or ash starting at $8. We offer two styles of jackets: navy satin baseball (sizes L - 3XL); or the black poplin (sizes S - 3XL). The hats are $7.50 and come in solid navy or solid black and two tone, khaki & black or khaki & navy.

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