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(continued from News page)... When I applied for the office job I had no idea what the Teamsters Union was all about nor, did I know anything about collective bargaining agreements, pension plans or health and welfare. My mom was a stay-at-home mom raising three kids; my dad was a self-employed carpenter so I grew up not knowing anything about having benefits as my family had none.

“The Teamsters mission is to organize and educate workers towards a higher standard of living.” I wish my parents knew what I know now, and that is the value of union membership! Over the years I have seen our members stand together and make their voices heard and employers listen. I have seen the difference it has made for our members, their families, and their future. I have seen the anti-union campaigns & legislation in efforts to weaken the unions. What I’ve learned is the whole key to giving the unions the ability to negotiate the best possible contracts with fair wages, benefits, and working conditions is the solidarity of our members in every single barging unit.

Today I am a proud Teamster who is honored to represent the strong and diversified membership of Local 223, i.e., healthcare, first responders, dispatchers, public works, city & county employees, office workers, mechanics, warehouse, mail house, insurance, vending, drivers, just to name a few.

Southern Oregon Labor Representative Brent Jensen has ratified a 2-year CBA with Klamath County on behalf of KCSO Sergeants, opened successor labor agreement negotiations with City of Grants Pass, is headed to mediation with City of Eagle Point for the police officers’ CBA, ratified a 3-year CBA with Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon, is headed to mediation with Town of Lakeview for Fire Department employees, opened successor labor agreement negotiations with City of Phoenix for General Unit and Police Department, and is headed to grievance mediation on behalf of a Lake Health District employee.

Labor Representative Dave Tully represents the employees of Oregon Transfer Co., who has been a long-term Teamster company. Recently, we reported that the company had decided to go out of business and sell all operations in the Portland area. We’ve just received notification that 2 of the 3 buildings that house Teamsters 223 members have sold and layoff notices will be going out soon. The company expects to close these two operations and buildings down no later December 31,2019. This is a very sad day for not only our members, but for the Teamsters Local 223 family. We wish each and everyone of our members all the best in their future endeavors. We will be conducting a contract proposal meeting with our members at the William C Earhart Company. Please watch your Union bulletin board and Email for notification of date and time.

Labor Representative Karine Trowbridge (formally Robburts) has been in contract negotiations with Washington County, and mediation is scheduled for December 11. The Teamsters were open for several dates through to the end of October and November, but this was the closest date that the County was available. Outstanding subjects are retro pay, which the County is refusing to pay because it is a punishment to the Teamsters for not getting the contract done on time, their words not ours; they don’t want to put a minimum CPI for the years two and three, and they want to reduce employees’ comp times. The City of Gresham has quite a few outstanding issues and growing pains since Clayton’s retirement. However, we are working through those one at a time and getting some additional training for our shop stewards there. Clean Water Services is doing quite well and the employees for the most part seem to be happy. Right now the one issue we’re working through is the correct allocation of overtime by seniority. We are starting contract negotiations with Tillamook 9-1-1 February 24. In the meantime we were able to secure an extension with a 6.6% raise for the dispatchers who are working excessive hours due to a severe employee shortage. Tillamook Sheriffs’ bargaining unit has scheduled an all-members meeting to start discussing issues for a new contract. I met the new sheriff, Jim Horton, who seems very nice and reasonable. He is also a past shop steward for Local 223. With any luck this will help us navigate through our next negotiations with a little less animosity that we experienced last time. 

Labor Representative Michael Mann has assisted Corvallis Police Officers Association in developing an LOA to add Community Service Officers (non-sworn), resolving scheduling issues with Coos County regarding dispatch scheduling, continuing contract negotiations for Benton County Deputies Association, taking a termination at Benton County to arbitration, moved into mediation at McMinnville for the police association, continuing difficult negotiations with Douglas County for Road and Waste employees, filed an Unfair Labor Practice against Douglas County on four violations, obtained a letter of support for negotiations in Douglas County from Lumber & Sawmill Workers Local Union # 2949, assisted members at Yamhill County in a deputy-involved shooting, supported a member in an internal affairs investigation at McMinnville PD, attended association meetings at McMinnville PD and Morrow County Sheriff Office, sent Teamsters benefit information to groups, requested financial analysis reports on two employers and continued involvement on the Oregon Peace Officers Executive Board including preparing for the annual training conference and state-wide awards banquet. Michael is getting lots of help from his co-workers Karine, Brent and Dave along with the rest of Local 223 employees and is very thankful for their help!

When you call the Portland Headquarter’s office you will be greeted by a new friendly voice. We welcome Tami to Teamsters Local 223 who will be assisting our office manager Jill.

On behalf of the entire staff of Local 223, we wish you the happiest of holidays and please be safe!


Please remember to contact the Local Union to see if you are eligible for a withdrawal card if you do not work any days in the bargaining unit during the current calendar month. Your dues must be paid current at the time of your request for the withdrawal card. It is very important to request a withdrawal card in a timely manner as dues can accrue until a withdrawal card is requested. If you return to bargaining unit work, please contact the Local Union to deposit your withdrawal card and return to “active” member status with the Local Union.

ADDRESS CHANGE: Please call us with any address changes. Thank You!


T-SHIRTS, JACKETS, AND HATS are available to buy from the office of Local 223. The 100% cotton T-Shirts come in navy, black or ash starting at $8. We offer two styles of jackets: navy satin baseball (sizes L - 3XL); or the black poplin (sizes S - 3XL). The hats are $7.50 and come in solid navy or solid black and two tone, khaki & black or khaki & navy.

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